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Wash and Go framed print in white frame

A2 Size


These landscape collages are based on how a lot of us now live a lot of our lives through the Internet, wether it’s banking, shopping, social networking, hobby or porn we seem to spending an increasing amount of time in a virtual world. I asked myself what would this virtual world we called the Internet look like if we could see it physically? In which intelligence is widely distributed across the landscape. Where you can be anything or anyone. How would the “Global Village” look in the physical world? We put up so much of ourselves onto the internet without really thinking. We give more of ourselves up than we would normally face to face and everyone starts out on a level playing field. Our religion, our ethnic background, our wealth, successes, our sexuality, how we look, our gender, our politics do not matter and there is something for everyone, even the darkest and the most twisted. The computer screen being a metaphor for the window in which we view the world. Humanity’s intellectual world, rather than it’s physical. The collages are made up from found images through web search engines.

Framed Wash and Go

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£90.00Sale Price
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