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Do What Makes You Fizz
Dreaming Skyward
Circle of life
Serendipity's Rainbow
sweet peas and blackbirds - havn - alexandra gallagher
peonies and swallows - alexandra gallagher - havn
wildflower and quail - alexandra gallagher - havn
dipper - yellow - norway - havn - alexandra gallagher
owl - norway - hvan - alexandra gallagher
pink roses - havn - alexandra gallagher
howl at the moon - Alexandra Gallagher
India commission - alexandra gallagher
Change - alexandra gallagher - web
Twinkle Twat - neon glitter - alexandra gallagher - web
Luna Moon- alexandra gallagher - webjpg
frog flower water - alexandra gallagher - artist
alexandra gallagher
Metamorphosis -Alexandra Gallagher x Coast
Let Them Eat Cake - Alexandra Gallagher
Alexandra Gallagher
tik tok made me buy it - alexandra gallagher - web
Many Hands -womens centre Alexandra Gallagher - web
alexandra gallagher - twinkle twat - original on wood - web
Forebearance - alexandra gallagher - web
The Fruit of Me
An Enduring Perseverance
In The Beginning
burnley mural - alexandra gallagher - web
Spring Sun Rises
Eternal Rest
Dark Bloom
Hung in Bloom
Rhythmic Order in Chromatic Disorder
An Enduring Perseverance
Birds Song
Please Sir
Compassion Revolution
Politcal Poison
Fuck This
My Breath
Shed My Sins
Blue Birds
Love - alexandra gallagher
gossip - Alexandra Gallagher
Talk to the Magpie
A Whiter Shade of Pink
Birds of a feather
Rebirth Of Truth
With These Hands
Monkey and The Hare
In Truth
Transition Of Hope
Mural Commission
Soar On Wings
Towards Truth
Wisdom Of Three
Mirrored Euphoria
Return The Way That You Came
We Are All Made Of Stars
Our Mother Mary
The Sin Of Man
The Prespective of Happiness
Eternal Innocence
Mural - INDIA
mural 3 - INDIA
Mural - INDIA
Heart of Glass
Magpie • Mural
Birds & Butterflies • Mural
Feather Fall • Mural
Swallow • Mural
Blue • Mural
Imortal Salvation
Come Sit on My Blind Side
Beyond The Veil Of Deception
Carry My Soul to Heaven
Pin And Needles in My Blood
Many A True Word
A Songbirds Melody

His Egyptian Queen, He Gave Black Pearls For Eyes

Dont Speak What the Heart Flutters
The Seventh State of perfection
Lie With Me
Flawless Pink
Echoes of Her Mother
Swallow Blind
Ties of Blood
Our lady Of Sorrows
Daughters Salvation
The Heart and Tongue of Virtue
Bow Your Head
Melancholy Paradise
When The Storm Came
Cassie -
Freckle Flamingo
Third Eye Of The Crow
Many Hands -womens centre Alexandra Gallagher - web .jpg


Whether you want a limited edition print, a original, a mural , commission a 

​piece of street art or just a chat about an idea

Simply fill in the  Contact form with your requirements and I will get back to you within  24 hours with all the information you need.


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