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Original oil on canvas framed in a Black frame, ready to hang


10' x 20"


Worldwide shipping 


"The Fruit of Me" is a haunting exploration of the aftermath of assault, depicted through a surrealist lens.


At the heart of the painting lies the symbolic imagery of poppies and datura flowers, carefully woven into the narrative to convey the complexity of the survivor's experience. Poppies, with their vibrant red hues, often symbolize both remembrance and oblivion, serving as a poignant reminder of the pain endured and the struggle to reconcile. Meanwhile, the datura flower, with its intoxicating fragrance and hallucinogenic properties, represents the blurred boundaries between reality and illusion, echoing the disorienting aftermath of violation.


"The Fruit of Me" invites viewers to engage in a dialogue about the pervasive impact of assault on survivors, while also acknowledging the resilience and strength inherent in the journey towards healing.

Fruit Of Me

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